I've lived in a lot of different places in my 24 years, and I can tell you that despite what many people say, Ottawa's not half bad. It does tend toward the conservative in many ways, but it has a very nice downtown, not too too expensive rent and is moderately friendly. The amenities are pretty good too. Lots of museums and cultural things.

But sometimes to get the really good stuff you just have to come to the big city:

Where else in Canada can you be a short walk away from a thetan test? It's as if L. Ron Hubbard blessed the city himself.

Oh how I adore Toronto, where even the fleeting desires of celebrity whack jobs are tended to at every opportunity. The tourism marketing practically writes itself.


  1. Snuggle Bunny said...
    Yeah, Ottawa just has those semi-legit Christian Science reading rooms and street missionaries. Tee hee - missionary!
    Adam said...
    I've heard so much about their position! Don't think it works for gay guys though.

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