Vice grip

I'd have to say "vice" is among my favourite words. Not only is it the name of a very entertaining magazine, it's the name of the only non-drug-oriented gay bar in Toronto where the music is tolerable and the clientele isn't repulsive. But most of all, vice is a state of mind. A way of looking at the world and saying "fuck you societal norms, I'm going to have a good time!"

Today I'm proud to say that I'm completely vice-ridden. It's very liberating. Embracing vice means not only engaging in taboo behavior, but it means refusing to feel guilty or hide it.

For example, the weekend before last I had to drag a friend who'd gone overboard at the club back to my place. He couldn't even stay awake. Thank god there were three of us to carry his ass up to my apartment. Someone in the elevator was like "It's 7 PM!" To which I replied "Yeah but he's been going since last night. He's just had too much GHB."

Cue shocked faces. The rest of the elevator ride was pretty quiet. Neighbours meet reality. Reality, meet neighbours. There goes my nomination for the tenant association.

So, obviously, my usual vice is drugs and partying. However, I'm starting to notice an interesting trend. Whenever I take a break, I revert back to a much older vice of mine: promiscuity.


This first became apparent back in January, during my first big break since I moved here. I hadn't gotten laid since the move in September. I'd had some encounters, but no full-on intercourse. Then I took some time off of partying and I ended up laying three guys in a week. Yeah. Way to make up for lost time, Adam!

Not to be outdone by January Adam, I managed to line up two guys last weekend. Thank god Mr. Sunday was a bottom, because I was still sore from Mr. Saturday.

Just like I refuse to be ashamed of my partying, I will not be ashamed of my promiscuity. It's very Toronto to go around pretending to be chaste while you lay the whole city, or to just be an all-around cock-tease. Not this guy. I go for the prize, I don't play games, and once I've "won" I don't keep it under wraps.

I'm planning on taking two more weekends off of partying, so who knows what the next 17 days will hold. Then it'll be time for another vice-swap and you can all look forward to reading about more of my weekly club disasters.

Judge me if you want. I'm too busy having fun to care.

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  1. Jeff Skybar said...
    Well God damn!! Get sex I say. Who the f*ck cares? And do drugs too! Have a good time, but I will say always protect yourself in any instant in life.:-)
    In response to your comment on my blog I am not scared or ashamed at all of talking about drugs on my blog or in person. I freely smoke pot (commonly referred to on my blog as "prayers" or "praying) practically everyday, which is tame from previous drug habits. I also talk freely about masturbation, sex, sex acts, my favorite position, religion...basically anything. I loath religion, religious icons, the bible, Jesus and will gladly get into a debate with anybody who is stupid enough to actually think they can convert me to any this nonsense. My old blog - which I had to shut down as it got into the local media's hands- talked about all of those subjects and I actually had some heated blog debates with the Southern Baptists in the States about my non-belief, vulgar language and lifestyle. Whatever I say, to each his own. At least I'm not some priest raping alter boys or whatever else they can screw. So who needs judging here? Ugh! I really should start scrapping with them again, just for some laughs.

    If you're religious......oh well.
    Threnody said...
    Haha that's quite the rant there! I'm agnostic myself. I pretty much just leave religion for those that care.

    And remember, not all religions are antithetical to promiscuity. Hell you could start your own!

    Anyhoo Jeff, thanks a million for being my vice buddy in the blogosphere. Thanks to us, the world is ever so slightly less uptight!
    Jeff Skybar said...
    Just slightly less uptight. Don't forget I still live in the land of cows and oil, which equals Redneck territory. And we all know what chains come with that.
    Steven said...
    Judge not, lest ye be judged, right?
    Threnody said...
    Oh yes. Dear Jeff I don't know how you do it. I don't think I could last a week, based on what I've read at your blog.

    And I judge almost nothing. I've head friends who do porn, prostitution, sell drugs, etc. But they were all nice and not too sketchy, believe it or not :)
    Kevin said...
    I've always been of the mindset "Do what you want, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone."

    The problems of society tend to be that no matter which side of the coin you are on, you are going to judge or look down on the other. I don't do drugs (never have) and take offense when people who do judge me for that (not that I'm saying you are by any means) -- just like people who do take them don't like being harrassed by those who don't.

    It's your life, do with it what you want. And I agree, we shouldn't have to feel ashamed of whatever choices we make (although I do, almost religiously -- pun intended).

    (But having been raised rather conservatively there are times I wish I could let loose and just do "whatever.")

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