That's right, now it's time for you to do something for me. You didn't think all this compelling prose and smarmy social commentary came without a price, did you buddy? Wrong! Now get your ass in gear!

I think things over here at The Free Thinker are going well. I should probably try to curb the gratuitous use of italics, and the words "gem" and "whack," but beyond that it's all gravy.

Except for this template. Sure, it was alright when I was just starting out. Really, at first I just wanted to focus on content. Now that I've got that down the presentation needs some work. Using one of the templates that comes with Blogger just screams "amateur," don't you think?

Can anybody suggest a nice template for me? Something a little flashy would be nice, although I'd consider something more simple if it was eye-catching. Double points if it comes in a three-column version. Also remember that a lot of the templates out there were made for the Old Blogger™, and won't very well with the fancy New Blogger.

As an example of my taste here's one I really like. Unfortunately it's for Old Blogger. Even a link to a decent template site would be appreciated. Googling mostly found older stuff or small sites with 2-5 templates at most.

While I'm soliciting feedback, is there anything else about the blog that could use a change? Sick of me throwing random Flickr images next to each post? Should I change my picture to one with my freaking shirt on? Let me know!

Completely superfluous image courtesy of lu6fpj.


  1. Sarah O. said...
    Oi, I have the same problem. Not the blog going well, because I still only have 5 regular readers, but I mean about the design. I don't need a nice template, but I wish I had one that was more me. So I've been prowling the net for the last day and a half looking up we design, but more importantly, trying to find out how to hide half a long blog post behind one of those jumps/cuts/folds/whatever. You'd think there would be a tutorial somewhere!!! Can you help me? I have a super-long picture post that I really want to publish.

    oh, and some web sites? You've already tried blogskins, right?
    dcthomasson said...
    I too like the three column blog templates. I wish I could find one. One thing I noticed when you change to a 3rd party blog template, you lose the WYSIWYG capabilities. Maybe you should try a basic black template and a customized banner like that one at Southern Expressions. I really like his layout.
    Threnody said...
    I'm actually thinking of trying this little number. It's a little plain, but it's three columns and it works with the WYSIWYG editor! I just need to change the way-too-bright colours. I tried on the weekend but fucked it all up. I'm going to give it another shot this week though...

    Sarah dear I wish I could help you, but I'm lost on that one. Sounds like something Blogger should have built in though. I'm guessing Googling came up dry? Try searching for "blogger hacks."
    Jamie said...
    Hey, try Wordpress instead. Blogger sucks. PFFT!!!

    Not the writers, just the system. It's owned by Google which is proven to be more and more anti-gay every day, man!)

    Seriously, today Wordpress came out with a 4-column theme. I had a blogger account before and it was not even 1/3 as userfriendly as WP is.
    Threnody said...
    Jamie dear that would've been great advice...45 days ago.

    Now I'm stuck here. I've got a URL, I've got a decent number of subscribers, and my content is all locked up in Google's evil clutches.

    It looks like Wordpress has some handy features. But it's sort of like being born in Utah (or Alberta). It's too late to do anything about it, so I'm going to have to make the best of a bad situation.
    Jamie said...
    Not to press you, no pun intended, but Wordpress has in import feature that will import your posts from blogger. I certainly can't see why it's too late, but it's up to you. Check and see if is free and sign up for it (it's free.) You can then put up a redirect for your readers. Or whatever. The new template you have is nice, too.

    But I'm telling you, I had blogger for over a year and switched it and it's the best change I've ever made.

    Besides coming out, that is. ;)
    Threnody said...
    I'll think about it in a couple of months. For now I want to forget about the technology (ie the hassle part) and just focus on the writing (ie the part I enjoy). But if I'm discontented in a few months it's good to know I have options.

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