Line: crossed

Those of you who've known me for a few years know I have a habit of occasionally going over the line. Pretty much every close friend I've ever had has been mega-pissed at me at some point for taking a joke too far. The funny thing is, I never see it coming until that look of rage washes over their visage.

So that's why I was surprised to get a Facebook message from an old aquiantance about one of my posts. Before I quote him, take a look at what I wrote.

At the time, I didn't think much of it at all. I was too busy trying to be clever and witty. Now, here's what my acquaintance had to say:

Now, speaking as a fat ass (though not one who has been to the gym in a while), I feel I must explain. Anyone with a 40+ waist is not oblivious to our disgustingness, but we do enjoy forgetting about it for a while. Lifting weights is a nice form of exercise to get people moving and strength-building. Cardio is essential, yes, but if you have a 40+ waist it is going to sloshing around in a frightening way and drawing even more attention to ourselves (which is even worse if the eyes looking at us are attractive guys and girls). Plus, if your a fast ass, it's damn uncomfortable to have your girth slapping around. Imagine getting on a running machine carrying two or three sacks of potatoes inside your clothes that have been mashed. It's not fun. And it kills your joints.

My fat ass gets about 2 hours of cardio through walking every day (that's not counting walking around to get places and errands - it's a 2 hour dedicated walk), but I've still got a 40+ waist. I have excellent blood pressure and circulation, but I simply eat too much to loose weight.

Yes, we allowed ourselves to get this size, but at least this fat ass is in a gym and not at McDonalds.

Have a little sympathy and compassion for the fat ass. It's not easy bringing youself into a space with fit people all around, and their disapproving glances do nothing to encourage us. If being fit was a prerequisite for going to a gym, they should do us all a favour and tell us so.
First of all, he gets kudos for saying his part with a degree of tact that I often lack. You can tell he's spent some time in journalism school, that's for sure.

If there's something I am definitely guilty of, it's that I didn't even consider how my post would make an overweight person feel. And if I'm going to write something that might hurt other people, I should at least put some thought into it first.

Now as for whether it's practical for an overweight person to do cardio, there are elliptical machines and exercise bikes that will take it easy on the joints. I guess what I was trying to get across was that if you're going to put all that time into self-improvement, why not take the route that would bring the most benefit? Of course, if I'd phrased it like that I wouldn't be in this predicament. So while I stand by the point I was trying to make, I am prepared to publicly apologize for the way I said it, especially the "disgustingness" remark.

So, my seven or so daily readers, what do you think? Did I cross the line? Was this apology enough or should I have repented the whole thing?


  1. Anonymous said...
    Well Adam, speaking as the fat ass who felt compelled to write, I'm very happy to see your reply. I don't actually think you crossed a line, because frankly I say things I don't think about that rub people the wrong way all the time and I don't mean any harm in it. Free speech is good speech, even if it hurts sometimes. But it's also good to put yourself in the place of the other person. You're right, there are things like aqua aquatics or elipticals that are easy on the joints, so the gym-bound fat ass should probably vary his work out. But I still give him some props for going to a gym. Some activity is better than none. I thought the original post was funny and I laughed because I've encountered every one of these stereotypical gym people before. No need to apologize or repent. Just knowing the next time you see a fatty in a gym you'll feel a slight pang of guilt is good enough for me! : )

    Love your blog, don't take my gentle critique too hard! Keep telling it like it is. We need to hear it.
    Janelle said...
    I totally agree with anonymous, but loved your reply Adam. Actually, I love your whole damn site. I haven't read it everyday, but almost. I'm actually making it a "favorite" because for some dumb reason I always forget where the link is on your, I sound so computer savy - hope you're impressed :)
    Oh - final thought - I seriously think one day the rest of the world is going to realize how great your site is and you're going to have about a million viewers - just watch!
    Adam said...
    Thanks for the feedback both of you. Don't worry, I haven't turned soft or anything. Maybe just a little more considerate :-)

    And thanks to both of you for the praise. I know it makes me a big loser but every time I get a comment I get a little excited. Like more than I should.

    Janelle you're always so over-the-top enthusiastic about this kinda stuff, it's hilarious! But in a good way.
    Sarah O. said...
    Well your site stats are far more impressive than mine, so kudos! Maybe if I were still in Scotland I'd get more hits. Your linking me has pretty much doubled my traffic!

    On topic: I don't really have an opinion. But its great you have friends who can disagree with you in such a constructive manner.

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