Screw you guys

Okay that's it, you're all on notice. That's right, yesterday was my one month blogaversary and nary a card, comment or blow job have been forthcoming.

On a serious note, it's been an interesting month. Since then I've had around 295 visitors and 427 page loads. Not too shabby Adam, not too shabby.

It just goes to show you, it doesn't matter what inane crap you write about on the Internet as long as you throw a funny illustration next to it and end with a snappy one-liner. In other words, you can slip in whatever you want as long as you finish off properly.

That's what she said.


  1. G Cracker said...
    I didn't know about your blog yet...can I not be on notice? :D
    And happy blogerversary.
    Adam said...
    Thanks, it's about time somebody said it. You're no longer on notice, but the remaining 6 billion aren't getting off so easily.
    Jamie said...
    If it makes you feel any better, I don't even know when my blogaversary is. Dammit.
    Anonymous said...
    Love the Michael Scott reference. :)
    Steven said...
    Ummm... happy belated blogoversary!

    Mine was a few days before yours.
    Threnody said...
    Jamie just look at the date of your first post. Bingo bango!

    Happy blogaversary to you too steven!

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