So I'm at the club Sunday afternoon and I go to take off my shirt. I turn and there's a string of gum going from my armpit to the shirt. That's right, I got gum in my armpit. This raises two key questions:

  1. How the hell do you get gum in your armpit?
  2. Whose gum was it?
That's right, I didn't even get the consolation of knowing whose gum was stuck in my armpit hair.

I swear this crap only happens to me. Not only that, in my altered state I felt like going around and telling everyone. I was almost so excited to have the funny story that I was glad it happened. But in retrospect it was even more embarassing than the time I ran around Stereo with Kit Kat on my face for 90 minutes...and nobody told me.

They say when you club a lot the weekends start to blur together. Luckily for me there's always a minor disaster to make each one special.


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