Chat truce

My dear friend Sarah O is quite the whiz with the camera. Honestly, I've been puttering around with my camera phone and it just doesn't cut it. It takes decent pictures, but I don't get to do all that artsy stuff the "real" photogs do, with exposures and shutter speeds. I'm trembling at the very thought!

Anyways, until I can find a sugar daddy to buy me a digital SLR, check out Sarah's unbelievably amusing cat vs. squirrel photos. This might have been a bloodbath if there hadn't been that glass between them. But luckily it was, and hilarity ensued.

I think there's good money to be made in constructing a large box with glass in the middle, buying a bunch of animals, trying different pairs, and YouTubing the results. Anybody want to offer me some venture capital? First up: poodle vs. a dozen iguanas.


  1. Sarah O. said...
    Awww, I just noticed this! Thanks so much for the shout-out. Call her a flathead, dumb, boring, clueless, etc, but my cat is undeniably "kooky".
    Threnody said...
    Hey no problemo! Did you get any traffic from it?
    Sarah O. said...
    Two hits. I don't think your blog readers care about cats. Or people living on a little shelf of bedrock on the edge of the continent. Damn Ontarians.

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