Born again blogger

Well it was needlessly painful, but I've finally replaced the template on this sounding board of the damned. I like it. It looks...grown-up. I looked at a cached copy of the old version and I can't believe how long I put up with it. It looks so gaudy by comparison. Take a look and compare for yourself.

Today's lesson: Google is not infallible, 'cause Blogger ain't all it's cracked up to be. Regardless, I whipped the bastard into shape and now I'm calling the shots.

If only I could alter my appearance as easily as I can alter that of my blog. I'd give myself bigger...everything. Of course it'd be a little embarassing to walk around with my nose on my ass because some idiot fucked up the HTML, but at least a fix would be just a quick edit and refresh away!


  1. Jeff Skybar said...
    I like the new template. Did God envision it for you? ;-)
    Jeff Skybar said...
    "In my mind the party never stopped"

    Oh. My. God. Me too!

    It's like we have ESPN

    Oh look at those new red shoes!

    I'm trying to be like Elle Woods or some other sterotypical Hollywood portrayed blonde, but it's not working I
    Threnody said...
    No but to become "born again" I had to re-add all my sidebar widgets. Thanks Google! Grr!

    I wouldn't chalk that up to ESP, by the way. I'd chalk it up to...well..being part of the same subculture...At different times...I'm sure I could find dozens of people who feel the same way! Teehee.
    dcthomasson said...
    I saw you changed yours too. I like it. The header looks really good.
    Now I am just trying to fight the urge to add more stuff to the side
    bars. I like everything to be equal proportion.
    Kevin said...
    Yeah, I wish there was html to fix personal things:

    {lipo} midsection {/lipo}
    Threnody said...
    Actually I think it'd be more like

    <body waist=36 penis=4>

    <body waist=28 penis=9>

    *May or may not represent actual values. I'm not telling!

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