So I was taking a look at the site stats today, as I often do, when I noticed a couple of anomalies. Normally my visitors are about 70% Windows 2003/XP and 30% Mac OS X. However, this time I was excited to see a Linux user. While I do the iBook thing I've been a big fan of Linux for a while now. But something else wasn't quite right.

Windows Me. One of my visitors was running Windows Me.

You don't have to be a tech guru to know that Me was, by far, the most horrific Windows version ever to spew from the code-developing bowels of Microsoft. Me was coming pre-installed on computers when I started first year university, so of course that's what everyone had, and it was a freaking nightmare. Non-stop problems.

You know that "clunk" sound old monitors make when they change resolutions or turn on? They make that when Windows blue screens too. One friend of mine was actually terrified of the sound, to the point that she jumped when she heard it, because Me crashed so much. Now she'll forever associate it with lost documents and wasted time. They didn't nickname it Windows Mistake Edition for nothing.

Anyways the bottom line is: if you're browsing this site with Windows Me, you're going to be seeing a lot of this:

If you are this poor Georgia soul I want to help you. I swear, give me the money and I'll catch a Greyhound over there and install Windows 2000 on your computer. Hell, even better, me and my Linux buddy will mail you a Linux CD and walk you through the setup. With my help you'll be able to think of blue without trembling in fear!


  1. Sarah O. said...
    What's more, ME is no longer supported by any security updates. I retired my laptop and bought my iBook when the last security update occurred. Stupid, terrible windows version!!! I lost SO many pages of agonizing essay throughout my undergrad. I comment too much?
    Adam said...
    No such thing as too much darling. Every time I get a little jolt of happiness. Keep it up!

    Luckily I personally upgraded to XP halfway through first year then got an iBook two years later ;)

    By the way, because you're on the Macbook I can ALWAYS tell in the logs when you visit :P...that and you come from the domain teehee
    Sarah O. said...
    Oh, no, my bad blogging habit has been found out! Listen, I'm still a student, hey? I still have many, many hours of procrastination to fill up.

    PS: My verification code right now is "chubbr". "Chubber". I like it. What shall this word mean?
    Adam said...
    I don't know exactly, but I'm sure it's something dirty. I'll be sure to ask someone to "give me a chubber" next time I'm at the club to see what happens.

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