The ex would tell you I have a lot of trouble setting priorities. He'd be right.

I've been pretty much living at the gym for the last week and a half. Before that I was going steadily, but this whole three-hours-a-day-every-day thing is more excessive than I'm used to. And you know what? I can't stop. I'm getting into that state where if I miss a day I'm going to be very cranky.

I guess I've sort of replaced partying with exercise, for the time being. Of course I'll continue replacing it with sex whenever possible, but I don't have as much control over that.

This is good, and it's bad. Obviously it's good to exercise. But, as always, I've taken it too far. You're looking at someone who can find three hours a day to spend at the gym, but struggles to find 90 seconds to take out the garbage. Somebody who would rather cancel coffee with a friend than miss the gym, if he had to work late. Somebody who is now completely antisocial on weekdays because he's too busy lifting weights and doing crunches.

I've stopped returning calls promptly. I've reduced my daily social time to a few minutes on MSN before bed. Every time I show up to the gym, I fear the attendant will utter those awful words, "Sir, I think you've had enough."

But I don't see myself having enough until I can replace the weights with a cute boy. You're looking at a life-long gym junkie. Who wants to be my methadone?

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  1. Jeff Skybar said...
    Oh my. Is this what's going to happen to me? I started at the gym back in November, from years of doing exercise at home. I only go to lift weights as I have a treadmill and elliptical at home that I still use for cardio. However, it started as 45 minutes, then an hour, now I'm up to 1 1/2 hours every Wednesday evening and Saturday morning. I have cancelled all plans every Friday night as my gym time is 9:00 Saturday morning. Plus right after work on the alternate days I do my cardio. I workout before I do anything else.
    Danifesto said...
    There's a reason it's called "gay church!" :) enjoy your worship!
    Threnody said...
    Oh yeah Jeff you are so screwed. It is pretty rewarding at least.

    The funny thing Comfort Zone Sundays is also called church. So when I'm taking time off church to go get sketchy, I'll still be at church. Wicked!
    dcthomasson said...
    I wish I had half the commitment as you do about you health. I am started of feel the effects of my love affair with Little Debbie and Dr. Pepper. I don't have the will power to make myself go to the gym or even go for a walk.

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