Test tube grown-up

It's funny, when you really, really get into the drug scene you learn to treat yourself like one big chemistry experiment. You learn to manipulate your body and mind to make them do what you want, when you want.

I want to act like this. I want to feel like that.

And of course the "health food store" has everything you need to counteract the side effects of the other stuff. Take this to avoid depression. Take that to help you sleep.

Finally the scientific community is recognizing all the great, uh, work I've been doing. A friend tipped me off that CAMH is doing a study into whether ecstasy causes brain damage. So of course I was right on top of that shit.

It's sort of like those studies where they give you some experimental drug to see what it does to you. Except I've been voluntarily taking it for the last 8 months.

Of course there's always the risk that this place has the same owners as my evil gym, and they're just trying to get me in so they can sell me some expensive rehab or something. Let's hope not.

The downside: the thought that I might have brain damage. The upside: at least I can make some cash off of it. The irony: funneling the money back into the drug budget.

I left a message, now I'm just waiting for a call back. Wish me luck!

PS Forgive me for being so flippant on the matter, but I've read up a great deal on the subject, and previous studies have found it causes no permanent damage when taking non-insane doses.

Totally clever picture of a guinea pig courtesy of Just A Screenager.


  1. Steven said...
    Prove them all wrong.

    It would be hilarious if your tests show that it improves brain power.
    Jeff Skybar said...
    Pure Ecstacy does not cause brain damage. But some people cut it with shit that causes harm. I remember back in the day hearing that you'll get big holes in your brain from over use and blah, blah blah. I still have my S-M-R-T's and I hear no air whooshing in my head. I lost lots of weight from constant dancing for two days straight. The only drawback was having that brain drain about three days later where you mind is just mush.

    However if you pop a few, oh I forget the name now, I think maybe Ginko-Baloba or some other health food store herbal drug...or was it XTP? ANyway it's good stuff and cleans your head and then you're good to go.

    Of course a bad high is a bad high and I can't erase that from my head. That's when I stopped my E days, which resulted in no more candy munching, vicks inhaling and jaw lock. Plus I was only dropping one tab, now I hear people dropping 3 or 4 or more a night....I don't think I could handle that.

    Besides people say bad stuff about any drug. I don't have a perma-stone from doing years of dope, nor is it a gateway drug. I started with the harsh stuff and have worked my way backwards. I do however draw the line at coke or crack - I've never done either of those. I watched a friend lose everything he had save for a knapsack on his skeletal frame to that. It was tough and put us all through turmoil and a real wakeup call for us.
    Jeff Skybar said...
    Oh Look! That pill on your header has "SKY" on it. Part of my last name. I guess I better take a couple, seeing hat it IS calling me...

    pop, pop.....buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
    Threnody said...
    Yeah I wouldn't know about popping 3-4 E in a night......erm...yeah I would *blush*

    XTP? Are you thinking of 5-HTP?

    Steven, like I've told you, I am actually more insightful and a better speaker when I'm on E. I'm really clever and never stumble over my words. This isn't just my opinion, other people have seen this as well.

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