So dear Jeff asked me how the weekend went, and I figured I might as well just throw together a post.

It was really freaking fun. It wasn't particularly busy, but by Fly standards th DJ was quite good. I danced my ass off, and brought a boy home. It was my first drug sex in a while. That's unfortunate because drug sex is amazing, but fortunate because it makes me want to die the next day.

If you've never had sex on E, you really owe it to yourself to give it a shot. A back massage on E is better than sober sex, so you can imagine what the sex is like. Just don't plan on doing anything, feeling anything, eating anything, caring about anything or talking to anyone the next day.

Did you ever see that episode of Star Trek: TNG where Data keeps dreaming about the crew with straws in their brains? That's sorta how I feel right now. Like someone is sucking my brain out through a straw.

It also doesn't help that my work is a nice oven of unbearable humidity and stagnant air today. It's one of those lovely 70s era buildings has no circulation and is probably growing mold like Vancouverites grow pot.

Regardless, the weekend served its therapeutic purpose, for the most part. Of course it's hard to feel attractive when you keep visualizing yourself vomiting, but I'm closer than I was on Saturday.

Taking next weekend off would be advisable, but I've got a friend coming from out of town. Then the weekend after is Easter and a friend's birthday. In other words, I've got another couple of rough Mondays ahead of me.

What a depressing thought. Now where did I leave that extra pill?

Image courtesy of Star Trek episode guides


  1. Jeff Skybar said...
    Now THAT is a cool weekend!! I'm sorry, people can think I'm shallow, but I don't care. I was on a high on Saturday too and LOVED it!
    Hey the other song in my head from the weekend is called The Wings. It's a remix of the Brokeback Mountain theme song.

    Just type in The wings - Manny Lehman, Tony Moran and Warren Rigg Collaboration Mix good raving song, I think anyway.
    about a boy said...
    drug sex is amazing! but yeah the next day and sometimes the next couple i dont want to leave the house.

    its been a while since ive had sex. on or off the stuff. maybe one day.
    Anonymous said...
    dear Adam,

    your liberal use of star trek pictures has warmed my heart. I hope you are feeling happy today.

    Ryan.Rafferty said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Jeff Skybar said...
    Ryan Rafferty, what can I say? Your dull name says it all. I'm glad I make you puke, really I am.

    Thanks for sharing your thought, no matter how erroneous it is.

    Adam do you know this person?
    Threnody said...
    Yes indeed I do. He's an angry, angry man.

    Not much more to be said, his comment is best ignored.
    Anonymous said...
    Your comments about e and sex? Yeah, been there, done that. It's the best! and yes, the day or two after, it's the worst. Couldn't agree more...

    Aunt Jill said... is a blog a liability? Do you owe it money? Is it dragging you down...mmm I don't think so. "'Splain Lucy 'splain"
    Maybe you guys won't get that...all you youngins! lol

    Anyways as far as I am concerned, it is Adam's blog and he can write about whatever he wants! If you don't like, don't look. He is being totally honest with himself and with us, so if you can deal with that, that is your loss.
    If I can deal with it as a family member, why can't you as a friend. If you are truly concerned about him then I apologize but really contact him directly to discuss the issue.
    Adam is smart enough to realize what can happen if you don't keep things in check and really I trust him and his decisions.

    Love ya Adam, be true to yourself and you will be fine.
    Aunt Jill said...
    oops I meant "can't" deal there
    Ryan.Rafferty said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Danifesto said...
    Adam-sounds like you had a good weekend! I'm a tad envious. We just went salsa dancing and saw the Mr. Rico competition at El Convento Rico. The end. Fun and a little tipsy. Last night was nice but dull. Chinese and karaoke with straight friends. Not that there's anything *wrong* with being straight. :)
    Mr RR-Bitterness is so unbecoming and negativity is toxic. The end.
    Anonymous said...
    OK RR I get your reference... But Adam neither feels embarrassed or at a disadvantage. I think you are embarrassed for him which is sweet but find a different avenue to speak to him. I'm sure you still are a friend! :-)

    Threnody said...
    He was a friend back when we could hang out without him constantly attacking me just like he's doing here. Apparently to be his friend I can only engage in "approved" activities.

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