Lights out, life on

I met a friend for brunch today and somehow we started talking about the big blackout in the summer of 2003. For my generation, it's one of those key life moments, like September 11, Woodstock, or Expo 67, except more universal and in no way depressing.

Everybody remembers what they did that weekend, and everybody had a blast. And all weekend you knew you were going to remember it, because it was such an exceptional event.

People ventured out into the streets. Friends gathered and just spent time together by candlelight. It's like life decided to pull away all the things that keep us apart and said "Now you'll realize that you still have everything that matters." Nobody cared that the TV wouldn't turn on. After a while people stopped complaining about taking the stairs. Internet withdrawals faded as old friends met in person for the first time in ages.

I ended up going to the Lusk caves in Gatineau Park with a bunch of friends. Everybody came. Nobody was too busy and nobody was tethered to their cell phone. It was a freaking blast.

Deep down, I hope the people in charge of fixing the problem were incompetent, so we can have another blackout weekend. What did you do when the lights went out?

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  1. Sarah O. said...
    Okay, it has been a day with no hits, so I'll go first: I was in Nova Scotia, where our power supplies are sufficiently well administered (I'm talking about the overall grid, not stupid NSP) as to not go completely kaput. My experience of the blackout, then, was of listening to the radio and watching the news, and thinking, "Sheesh. It takes the complete lack of electricity to get those Ontarians to slow down and enjoy themselves and show some neighbourly spirit! Pah. Ontarians. Thank God I live on the East Coast." And then I snickered.
    Danifesto said...
    Wow! What a great memory to have! I was living in Seoul at the time and remember worrying about it. It seemed to be a hint of impending doom but maybe it was a wake-up call? I dunno.
    I love caves! That looked really really fun!
    Threnody said...
    It was sooo fun!

    Oh and fuck you Sarah. Just kidding :)
    G Cracker said...
    I remember that it happened....

    ...but I hate to ruin your theory. I can't remember what I did. I think we went to the beach?
    Threnody said...
    Okay you all suck. All my in-person friends are with me on this so I don't care what you guys think. You're all just electrons to me!

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