Ignorance is bliss

I've been talking to this 18 year-old guy online lately. Don't worry, it's probably not going anywhere.

Last night we were talking on MSN, and for some reason I made a joke about the Marcarena. To which he replied:

"What's the macarena?"

I feel like an antique.

Image courtesy of Tostie14.


  1. Danifesto said...
    OUCH! That smarts!
    Related story: I had this little portable plastic record player in my classroom and when kids were done early they could sit and read along with the record. Anyway I had to take a moment when one of the kids asked me "HEY! How do ya rewind this thing?"
    Age sucks.
    Jeff Skybar said...
    Now I feel old. That was popular back in the early 90's, of course that would only put him probably still in diapers. Infact I think I have it on a Dance Mix 90 something from Much Music. I actually still remember the dance moves.
    G Cracker said...
    Uhm, it's not something that should be making anyone feel old. Eighteen year olds should know what the macarena is...most of them do!

    Clearly this boy just lives or used to live under a rock.
    A large rock.
    In the Amazon.
    Kevin said...
    Although I kind of wish I could honestly say the same thing ...
    Jeff said...
    LOL, i agree with graham- 19 here, and all of my friends and i know what the marcarena is!
    Steven said...
    God, you're so old... and he's so stupid.

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