New York, baby!

Well looks like my pays-too-little but easy-going job is crapping out some fringe benefits. A client of ours from New York has asked my employer to fly me down for a little event she's doing.

As someone who's barely been anywhere his whole life, this is wet my pants level exciting.

Now comes the hard part: I have to get my freaking passport. I have six weeks or so. Should be okay, I think. But I'll have to pay extra to get it rushed.

The event is on a Thursday, so I'm going to ask them to book my flight back for Sunday. You know what that means. Party weekend! I'll have to arrange my own accomodations for the weekend, so I'll probably go for a hostel. More money for partying, right?

Anyhoo, if any of my dear readers can recommend some good clubs in the big Apple it'd be greatly appreciated. Requirements:

  • House or trance music
  • Hot, shirtless, gay men in my age bracket. It doesn't necessarily have to be a gay club. New York's answer to the Comfort Zone would be the bees knees.
  • Must be a drug club where drugs are easy to get relatively inexpensively
  • Must be after-hours
Stiff requirements, to be sure. But if I'm going to go all the way to New York, I should go somewhere at least as good as a club in Toronto, right? Just because I'm in New York doesn't mean I'm going to have fun listening to hip hop with a bunch of uglies.


  1. Aunt Jill said...
    Very cool Adam! I'm so happy for you... You must have made quite an impression for the client to request your presence.

    Have fun, but... BE CAREFUL and not too trusting.
    Steven said...
    Hmmm... you won't be asking any tips from the BCC guy, huh?

    Sounds like fun, Adam.

    I'm going in May. My work isn't sending me, though.
    Jeff Skybar said...
    I haven't been to NYC so I can't help you there. Have lots of fun! I like partying with USA boys.
    Anonymous said...
    hey duckie, I just showed Neal your HNT picture and his comment was that you look way more gay than last time he saw you.
    Also, have fun in NY, I'm sure it's more fun than TO. I of course know nothing of after hours drug clubs where you can find sexy topless dudes (I should be so lucky) but I do know that the Met is always Pay What You Can, so check that out, for me?

    Jeff said...
    its too bad you didn't get a chance to make the trip last week- one of the biggest gay clubs closed down and had a last dance.
    i missed it too :-(
    Anonymous said...
    Wow, that sounds like fun. OK, as a former New Yorker, here are a few recommendations. First though, I think NY has many GREAT gay clubs, the problem though, is if you do not know the city, they are hard to find as they are scattered all around the Chelsea area(Gay part of Manhattan).
    First is Splash...50 W. 17th Street. Unassuming on the outside, but hopping on the inside.
    There was a bar called XL on 16th street, great bathrooms, but I heard recently they closed down. Not sure.
    Another is G Lounge...223 W. 19th St., no dancing, small but a good pickup bar.
    There are a number of others, certainly a stop at Stonewall's for the history, again, small, no dancing, or Monsters, across the street, dancing in the basement,mixed but leans toward a slightly older crowd though(my kind of bar). I have been away from the scene there now for a while and a couple good ones I remember, after a search on the net, no longer seem to be there. One note, the later in the evening you go, the more action. But Splash is a must see.
    NY is tight on drugs, so without contacts, hard to find. So bring your own and be careful. But meet the right guy and they are available.
    Have a GREAT time, and let us know afterwords, all the gory details.
    Anonymous said...
    One other suggestion...take a walk down 8th ave between 23th St. and 14rd St. (Chelsea area), a number of gay shops there.

    Atari_Age said...
    Ooooh, I go to nyc often enough, but your req list (with the execption of the attractive men requirement) is like the opposite of my normal dives, so I can't help directly.

    Though for starters, try HX Magazine and Next Magazine, the two most common gay club rags I know of.
    Threnody said...
    Aunt Jill knows me way too well. Don't worry, Toronto has smacked most of the small-town naivety out of me.

    Meaghan: I'm not sure how to take that. Since last time Neal saw me I was chubby and wore kakhis and baggy grey t-shirts, I'll take it as a compliment.

    Jeff: I KNOW! It's been open for like 12 years and then it closes right before I get to the city!

    Ken and atari_age, thanks for the recommendations.
    Danifesto said...
    Hey just my two cents here: Splash- I went and definately worth it. Plus it's featured in a Sex in the City episode. Bonus fairy points!
    XL- also had a good time here as well.
    Passports- yeah think of all my fellow Americans who shit a brick when they find out they have to get a passport to see Niagra Falls now! "But I'm American!" they'll protest. "Tough shit lady- Blame George Bush!" replies the immigration officer. Most Americans have never had a passport in their lives. The rest of the world of course, accepts this as part of being a citizen of the world.
    blue said...
    i just went to splash 2 weeks ago the music was really bad its my 3 week and i couldnt find a club like you as you said.maybe that web side can help you

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