Twitch City!!

So Meaghan got me like the best gift ever: Twitch City DVDs! I'm sure almost none of you have heard of it, but it's this great sitcom the CBC ran in the late 90s that was shot in Kensington Market. Without this show, Meaghan and I would be missing many inside jokes, like:

  • The job wheel
  • Pineapple almond cookies
  • Falling and accidentally penetrating her (seriously)
  • I thought they were gay! (in reference to Nazis they accidentally took in as roommates)
If you're a DVD collector, I highly recommend picking it up. It's quirky as hell, and best of all: no laugh track. Plus how could you fault a show that guest stars Joyce DeWitt?


  1. Anonymous said...
    I love Twitch City. I taped it when it orginally aired, I loaned it to your Aunt, and never seen them again! lol
    Adam said...
    Well mysterious family member, I can copy the DVDs for you without too much effort. You'll have to identify yourself first though ;)
    Anonymous said...
    Hey, I didn't return that? Sorry...I'll have to rectify that.

    Adam, I love your blog and check it out everyday. I feel like I talk to you everyday now.

    Aunt Jill
    Adam said...
    Thanks Aunt Jill :)

    It's a pretty good way to keep in touch. I'm having a lot of fun with it.

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