At least it's not All Bran

You know how I know I'm old? I eat Shreddies without sugar. I could've at least bought the honey Shreddies, but that whole grain goodness is sweet enough for me right out of the box. How grown-up is that? I guess I'm one step closer to being a Metamucil man.


  1. Anonymous said...
    OLD? Adam if you are old what the hell am I? lol I've heard of one test to see if you are grown up...when you see something on the kitchen floor, do you immediately get the broom or do you casually sweep it under the stove with your foot? I know you don't have a kitchen floor or a stove right now but use your imagination... ;-)

    Adam said...
    Wow, I didn't know anyone else did that! I feel so much better now. I guess you can figure out my answer ;)

    Anyways when I say I'm old, I don't mean it in a literal way.

    I just think back to when I was in rez in first year, and we all marveled at the fact that our rez fellow was 21. Really I haven't completely come to terms with being a grownup yet.
    Jill said...
    I don't think that ever happens. I have remind myself constantly that I'm a grown up! lol I think that may be the key to staying young at heart so don't fight it. ;-) Think of your grandparents and how young they seem...not a bad deal. :-)
    Adam said...
    Yeah if I end up like them it wouldn't be half bad. Nobody quite understands how "different" my grandparents are haha.

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