1. His verbal diarrhea is suddenly replaced by verbal constipation.
  2. His internal monologue is suddenly externalized. He's heard muttering to himself throughout the day.
  3. When asked how his weekend was, he emits a loud moan and goes back to what he was doing.
  4. He glares at his coworker when "Manic Monday" comes on her radio.
  5. The bags under his eyes are large enough to double as change purses.
  6. He's 10 pounds lighter than he was on Friday.
  7. He fell asleep on the subway to work...standing up.
  8. His voice sounds exactly as you'd expect after yelling for 16 straight hours.
  9. He's constantly texting some random dude he met over the weekend.
  10. He slightly alters the lyrics while singing along to "Sexy Back"
  11. He absentmindedly puts his water bottle in his back pocket as he walks about the office.


  1. Steven said...
    But, isn't that your regular Monday behaviour?
    Threnody said...
    Maybe 1/3 of Mondays these days.
    Anonymous said...
    lol Adam!

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