Forbidden fruit

I broke a promise to a close friend this week.

See, way back in the day Meaghan made me promise that I would never, ever date another Adam. I guess having her friend Ryan dating another Ryan was stressful enough.

I'm so sorry Meaghan. But he's just too hot. However, I will admit that it takes some getting used to. I'm usually one to say a partners name during intimate moments and, well, needless to say I won't be doing that in this instance. In my brain he sort of...has no name. And every so often I'll remember his name is Adam and consider how weird it is.

Anyways last night we had a date and it went pretty well. In fact, isn't this more likely to go well because we have the same names? That's like Harding's Law or something, right?

Having the same name led to a very cute event at dinner last night, at least. He was checking his phone, then turned it and showed me that he'd named me "Cute Adam" in the phonebook. Then I pulled out my phone and showed him that I'd named him "Hot Adam." It was quite the little moment.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to found a gay Garden of Eden. All we need now are a couple of Steves and a really hot straight guy to act as the forbidden fruit.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Well you know I don't approve, though I guess I'm happy enough that you're dating someone hot who thinks you're cute.
    Meghan and I have been hanging out with a Michael and a Mike a lot lately, because one of them lives with us and one of them crashes on our couch all the time. Double stressful! (though at least we're not dating)
    Anonymous said...
    Sounds like a match made in heaven.

    Anonymous said...
    Awwww That's so sweet
    Threnody said...
    I think you and Megan should date Mike and Michael. It's got sitcom written all over it!
    Anonymous said...
    I know a couple named Don and Dawn...they seem to make it work ok. Never asked them the sex question though! :-D
    Sarah O. said...
    Hahaha! Oh, Adam, that last paragraph just slays me. Well, it's not quite death-inducing, but I *definitely* laughed out loud. I have to wonder about four people living in the Garden of Eden, though. What was God thinking? "Double the fun"?
    Steven said...
    A date? Adam, the romantic...?

    Oh, and I can't come to the garden, since my name is Steven. LOL.

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