Gossip is a standard part of any community. Inevitably as people get to know one another they start passing on rumors about each other. The Comfort Zone gay subculture is one such community, with the hardcore comprising perhaps 100 people. I guess sooner or later people were bound to start talking about me.

I'm sort of used to being in the background. I guess I've never really thought of myself as gossip-worthy, save during the big outing of 2001. Well dear readers, I've hit the gossip scene with a bang. I was chatting to someone last night when the bomb dropped.

"I heard that you're doing porn now."

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!? This is worse still because it came from one of the few people in Toronto whose opinion I actually care about. Let me go on the record now to state that Adam has not done porn. Boys who work full-time and do porn do not have empty bank accounts. In fact, if things were THAT dire I'd probably start selling drugs before I'd do porn. But don't worry, it won't come to that. It's sort of a which-limb-would-you-lose type of situation. Neither option is particularly appealing.

So where the hell does a rumor like this come from? I'll admit that with my hair now at visible-scalp level shortness I do have a generic, if popular look. Perhaps a case of mistaken identity? Or is someone deliberately trying to sabotage me?

The worst part is, it makes me look back at people I saw a lot of potential with whose attitudes suddenly changed and wonder if maybe they heard it too. This is the kind of rumor you just can't quash. I can't very well go around asking everyone if they heard my false porn rumor and really truly honestly it's not true and please tell everyone because it's just really embarrassing...can I? It'll just make things worse.

So essentially, I'm getting all the negative stigma of doing porn with none of the benefit$. Gay Toronto 69, Adam 5.


  1. Anonymous said...
    No, going around mentioning a rumour about yourself in order to debunk it will just make you seem creepy and make people suspect the rumour is true. *cough*daryl*cough*

    The only thing you can really do in this situation is ignore it and hope it will go away. Is it really so damaging to your rep anyway?

    Since the rumour's out and about anyway, I say you may as well do porn!

    Anonymous said...
    Meghan thinks it's a good rumour! Won't this just make people think you're a) unihibited and adventurous and b) really hung?

    It's not like you want to be with elitist snobs anyway.
    altmike said...
    I dated a porn star once and it was the totally hottest thing. I got for free what everyone else was paying for. Would have been even hotter if he was a high priced escort.
    altmike said...
    oh and what the hell happened to your hot pictures on Fridays?
    Bring em back.
    Threnody said...
    Thanks a lot Meaghan, I'd forgotten Darryl existed. Blarg!

    HNT will probably be back this week Mike. Life's just been a little off the rails the past couple of weeks.
    Steven said...
    OMG! You're doing porn!

    Shocked, I am. Shocked.

    Anonymous said...
    Well lets not stop at non entitits(like Rush Limbauhg) *joking*,But people from all walks of life,like Gerald Dimnik,a director at a North York Hospital,the list is really prosaic.'nuff said.


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