Grind of war

Grinding is very accurately named. In fact, it's a lot like the picture on the right. Take something benign looking and put it through the grind, and the result is something nasty looking that nobody needs to see.

Now some of you might remember that it was scarcely a year ago that I scandalously took a trick I met at Stereo (who is now a close friend, incidentally) and essentially dry fucked him on the back stage. However, today I'm a more mature clubber and I'm here to tell you that it ain't right.

Now that I can actually dance worth a crap I'd much rather dance with a guy. And, truth be told, if he's got some good moves I'm going to be much more attracted to him anyways. If he grabs my waist and tries to pull me toward him he'd better be smoking, because that's two strikes right there.

Sometimes I can tolerate it. Grinding at Fly is just a fact of life. And at Pride, well, it's all about boys. But keep grinding out of my beloved Comfort Zone. It's a dancer's club people! It's not a pickup club. We don't need to see groping on the dance floor, let alone a five-person grind sandwich like I saw this past weekend.

I'm not even saying you can't have your fun at the Zone. Hell, there are seats and dark corners everywhere. I've been known to partake myself. Have at it.

But the Zone is a mixed club and you're giving our people a bad name when you act tactlessly. Why not show off some of our stereotypically impressive dance moves instead?

Image courtesy of Secretly Ironic.


  1. dcthomasson said...
    I would probably hit 3 strikes with you pretty quick. I am one of those "grinders" when I am at the club. Actually I still think it is kinda weird dancing with guys, as I have only been to a gay club like 3 times in my life. Of the times, I have been to the club, the guys were a quite a bit older than I was so their dancing skills were questionable so to improve the way the looked while dancing, I backed up on them and started grinding away. I have to be drunk before I will even think about dancing because I am too self-conscience, but I really love to dance.
    G Cracker said...
    I grind only if I'm working someone for tips -- tips are bigger if they think you can hardly keep your hands off of them. Which, since most of these are skeevy old men who's knees are worse than mine, they pretty much stand there and gape and give me money. :P

    Typically, with my friends (and "interests") though, I will dance close to them and even have a hand or two on them but I won't grind. The closeness of my dancing is just to point out to other people that I am in fact dancing *with* someone though, because I've noticed people have a tendency to try to step in, y'know?
    altmike said...
    hands on chest, hands on arms...all good...kissing before grinding for me. very hot.
    Anonymous said...
    I don't know if I've ever grinded (ground?) with anyone other than as a joke/as the token hag/to scare someone else away. I cannot think of a sincere grinding experience. I made the mistake of going to a straight pickup bar last week... ugh! I forgot that my people get up to these shenanigans too:(

    Anonymous said...
    Reading this, I have to laugh taht one of your recent posts is called the rumour mill grinds up another soul.
    I can't fathom how grinding on the dance floor is wrong, but getting a hand/blow job in the corner is okay.
    Anonymous said...
    Corner blow job: discreet. Dance floor grinding: not discreet.


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