Risen from the dead

In case anyone has been wondering, I'm not dead or anything. Life has been...hectic. I promise to update you all on my latest hijinx by the end of the week.


  1. Steven said...
    You're not dead? What am I going to do with the tacky flower arrangement I bought for the funeral?
    J said...
    Well I was wondering about you!

    Glad to hear your are still with us. XOX
    Anonymous said...
    We miss you Adam. :)
    Danifesto said...
    Yeah good to know you are still alive. I haven't been blogging much either though! Looking forward to reading what you're up to when you have time! No worries!
    PS-I loved running into you the other day! When I see a friendly face,it makes me feel like I actually am at home here!
    Anonymous said...
    You said by weeks end, you lied!
    Hope all is well.

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